Alpacas Do NOT Have Buck Teeth!

While I was out and about this fall, a young woman told me how she loved alpacas and stated how cute they are with “those buck teeth”.

I’m always surprised at how many times I’ve seen alpacas in a featured article, on television, or out in public with untrimmed teeth, or unkempt topknots. Some folks are entertained by the goofiness of a prominent underbite and “that hair”, but it doesn’t shed the best light on alpacas as producers of elite fiber. Some folks have never seen an alpaca, so why... read full article

I Remember "Her"...

It’s been a year now since we lost Paulettha, and we are constantly reminded to never underestimate the value of a challenging alpaca…

6Peruvian Paulettha 6140 was one of those alpacas that everyone who encountered her will never forget. No matter who came to the farm, she always made a very memorable and lasting impression – not necessarily in a good way. She was one of our two original alpaca purchases, and we came to realize over time that she was also one of those noteworthy foundation... read full article

A Whole Lot of Educating Left to Do...

I’m not someone who normally pipes up about controversial topics, but I’ve been getting a little frustrated lately by the number of people asking me about the alleged subsidies of alpacas and about all of the negative words regarding the topic of tax advantages. Someone even gave me a newspaper clipping. Why are they not asking me about the qualities of alpaca fiber? Have they ever worn any?

So bothered was I, that I pulled out the very well worn Random House Dictionary that I’ve had since... read full article